Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles of the Week for May 2nd, 2011

Health/Nutrition Articles I’m reading this week


Great article on how red pepper may help curb a big appetite

 Grass Fed Beef:  Robb Wolf gives some great counter points to Fox News

This is a really well researched counterpoint article.  Be careful, you may need to read this one a few times.

A Grass Fed Cow-Photo from USDA

A Grass Fed Cow


Ironman Tri-athlete Ben Greenfield Discusses the importance of Branched Chain Amino Acid  (BCAA) supplementation

Here is part 2 for Ben’s BCAA article

I currently use BCAAs for long training sessions.   One thing he doesn’t mention is some people have found BCAAs to stimulate the appetite, so consider that when using them.  Also note they have a bitter taste and are best combined with citrus juice or citrus flavorings (lemonade works well!).


Scientific American discusses Gut Bacteria

This is some heavier stuff, but it really made me think.


Cassandra (PHd) from NROL for Women fame gives a great discussion about Stevia:

Note that I try to not use sweeteners too much, but for protein shakes I find them to be necessary.



Great review from Self Magazine on the pluses and minuses of Coconut Water

Low vitamin D levels linked to diabetes risk


Regular consumption of chia seeds can help redistribute accumulated fats near the heart and liver. 

This article shows a lot of real potential but its important to keep in mind this is a study done on rats, not humans. 

Chia seeds are a great source of protein and ALA-Omega-3 (N-3) fats, so including them in your diet may be a good idea anyway.


Tom Venuto talks about Sleep Problems and Major Weight gain

What surprised me most about this one was the metabolic changes that happen due to lack of sleep.


Best Recipes I’m reading this week:

 Cassandra Forsythe’s tasty Banana-Walnut + Protein Bars

I’m told these are very tasty and a great meal on the go option (along with the chicken nuggets below) 


Thyme for Heathy Eating’s quick and tasty Parmesan Polenta with Spicy Sausage Recipe

Polenta/Sausage Recipe

Polenta/Sausage Recipe



Trainer Ben Bruno’s quick and healthy Chicken Nugget Recipe

This one is on my list to try!



Training Workout Articles I’m reading this week:


Great stuff from Roman Fitness Systems on training for the female physique and some male training tips too

Here is part 2 of the Roman Fitness article: Training Women’s arms



Podcasts I’m listening to this week:


The Fitcast Episode 212

The Fitcast provide some very good and laid back fitness and diet advice.

 Two podcasts from Cassandra Forythe